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«Complex “KASHTAN-3M”» / 2008 /  Video film about Optoelectronic Countermeasure Complex “KASHTAN-3M”  more
«Conversion to Aircraft On-Condition Maintenance (With an Example of L-39 and MiG-29 Aircraft)» / 2008 /  Only on-condition maintenance methods closely link the maintenance process and technical condition of an object, ensure its failure-free operation at minimum cost and make possible conducting a repair when it is really necessary.  more
«Ukroboronservice State Company» / 2008 /  Ukroboronservice State Company is one of the leading and most dynamically developing enterprises of the defense industry of Ukraine.  more
«Operation, Maintenance and Repair of MiG-23 and MiG-27 Aircraft» / 2008 /  Ukroboronservice State Company has powerful facilities for overhaul, on-condition maintenance; on-site repair, when the airframe is repaired at customer’s base, service support and technical maintenance of MiG-23 aircraft at customer’s base; offering an u  more
«Videofilm, dedicated to 80-anniversary of Kommunar Association» / 2007 /  Videofilm, dedicated to 80-anniversary of Kommunar Association  more
«Abreast Of The Times» / 2007 /  For the world aviation community the name of Oleg Antonov has become a symbol of Ukraine.  more
«Pilotless vehicle «Strepet»» / 2007 /  Advertising video film about STREPET pilotless vehicle  more
«Chuguev Aircraft Repair Plant» / 2007 /  Musical presentation film  more
«“Motor Sich” at the mirror of XX century» / 2007 /  Film about history and today of JSC “Motor Sich”  more
«V specialized exhibition «The World of Education»» / 2007 /  V specialized exhibition «The World of Education»  more
«An advertising videofilm about airplane An-148» / 2007 /  An advertising videofilm about airplane An-148  more
«Training videofilm on maintenance of the VAZ-type car» / 2007 /  Training videofilm on maintenance of the VAZ-type car  more
«The Most Human Job» / 2007 /  Presentation film about Kharkov Medical College  more
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«The World of Education-2006» / 2007 /  Videoreport on exhibition «The World of Education-2006»  more
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«Chuguev Aircraft Repair Plant» / 2007 /  Musical presentation film about today of this enterprise  more
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«Lugansk Aircraft Overhaul Works. 75 years» / 2006 /  Film is devoted to the anniversary of the enterprise  more
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«Locomotive 2ТЭ116» / 2006 /  Demo-version of the multimedia training program "Locomotive 2ТЭ116".  more
«Teaching multimedia program on physics» / 2006 /  Demo-version of the multimedia program on physics for 9th classes  more
«His trace in history» / 2006 /  Everyone has some extent divine spark inside, but not everyone is capable to inflate it to a creative flame and to support it during all life.  more
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«80 years at the altitude» / 2006 /  80 years of continuous labour activity are the significant term for any enterprise.  more
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«Barier-B» / 2006 /  ARTEM State Joint Stock Holding Company & State Kyiv Design Bureau LUCH present anti-tank guided missile BARIER-B.  more
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«5th International Aviation&Space Salon 'Aviasvit-XXI'» / 2006 /  The international aerospace exhibitions are original summarizing of activity of branch of any country of the world  more
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«Maintenance, repair and modernization of MiG-23 aircraft» / 2006 /  The MiG-23, a supersonic front-line fighter, is the most commonly used combat jet of Soviet production  more
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«Reliable And High-Precision» / 2006 /  ARTEM State Joint-Stock Holding Company takes one of the leading roles in Ukraine and former USSR in producing airborne guided missiles to arm contemporary MiG and Su type aircraft, as well as in manufacturing accessories and equipment for airplanes and h  more
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«Smashing The Armor» / 2006 /  ARTEM State Joint-Stock Holding Company is an enterprise with over 110-year history  more
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«Modernization of L-39 aircraft» / 2006 /  The Odesaviaremservis overhaul agency government-owned facility pertaining to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, successfully performs the updating of L-39 type aircraft meant for multistage pilot training programme  more
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«Posters on a diesel locomotive 2ТЭ116» / 2006 /  The experts of studio developed and created posters on a diesel locomotive 2ТЭ116 for a training center by the order Poltava Locomotive Repair Shop  more
«God Means For Us The Way Of True And Light» / 2006 /  Film is about creative union of Kharkov art representatives and Archbishop of Kharkov and Bogodukhov Nikodim, who has devoted more than forty years of his life to faithful service of the Orthodox church, untiringly announcing God’s word  more
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«15 Years Together!» / 2006 /  2006 became anniversary for 'Association of Aero Engines Manufacturers' (ASSAD) – 15 years from the moment of its creation  more
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«From Exhibition to Show» / 2006 /  The international exhibitions  more
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«AI-25TLSh» / 2006 /  The upgrade of the AI-25TL engine into the AI-25TLSh type has been initiated by Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, standing as the General Customer for the project  more
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«TORA 75-year Feat of Labour» / 2005 /  Throughout the entire 75-year history of the 'TORA' Aircraft Repair Plant thousands of aircraft have been given a new birth in its shops  more
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«MAKS-2005. At half way between the business and show» / 2005 /  August, 2005. As two year ago the Moscow suburb of Zhukovskiy for some days appeared in the center of attention  more
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«Air magical spectacle» / 2005 /  One of favorable differences of air show MAKS from the other largest international aviation exhibitions is traditionally fascinating program of demonstration flights  more
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«The sky of Paris» / 2005 /  Le Bourget always means fascinating flights of winged machines, stands with fantastic projects  more
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«KhAI-75» / 2005 /  This film is devoted to celebrating the 75-anniversary of the National Aerospace University named after N.E.Zhukovskij  more
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«Road To Mother» / 2005 /  Videoclip for the song  more
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«Odesaviaremservis» / 2005 /  Advertising video film about State Aircraft Overhaul Agency  more
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«134 Years Of Advance» / 2005 /  Advertising videofilm about Poltava Locomotive Repair Shop that conducts its history since 1871  more
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«Bon Voyage, Sokoliatko» / 2004 /  The film is devoted to 10th anniversary of establishment of Teaching and Educational Center  more
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«Antonov-148» / 2004 /  Presentation film about the aircraft An-148, a new turbojet airliner, developed by Aeronautical Scientific and Technical Complex named after Antonov  more
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«Energy Produced For Flight» / 2004 /  Presentation film about the Zaporozhye JSC 'Motor Sich', the enterprise, which is really the pride of national industry  more
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«KSAMC. The year of 2004» / 2004 /  A film reporting about the results of work of Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company in 2004  more
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«Green Pearl Of Zaporozhie» / 2004 /  The film tells about Zaporozhye children''s botanical gardens, which are a manmade pearl in the very center of the industrial city  more
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«Cradle of Winged Giants» / 2004 /  Presentation film about the Kiev Aircraft Manufacturing Plant 'Aviant'  more
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«Formula Of Progress» / 2004 /  Presentation film on Zaporozhye Design Bureau  more
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«Ukraine. Conquest Of The Sky» / 2004 /  Since the ancient times the humanity has been dreaming of flights  more
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«This Is Farnborough» / 2004 /  Every year over one thousand air shows are held in the world. The British air show has always occupied a special place among them  more
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«Sky Is For Brave» / 2004 /  A series of music videoclips, presenting the leading pilot groups of the world  more
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«An-74T-200. Transport Aircraft» / 2003 /  Presentation music film about transport aircraft An-74T-200  more
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«Union Of Flaming Hearts» / 2003 /    more
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«An-140. Silver Track In The Sky» / 2003 /  Presentation film about the new passenger-carrying aircraft An-140  more
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«An-74TK-300VIP» / 2003 /  Presentation film about Аn-74TK-300VIP, a business-class airplane, produced by Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company  more
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«Wings Of New Century» / 2002 /  Presentation film about the production of Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company connected with airplanes Аn-140, Аn-74, Аn-74ТK-300  more
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«Ukraine Discovers Africa» / 2002 /  Videofilm about presence of delegation from Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company in the Republic of South Africa at the international aviation and defense industry  more
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«Landmarks Of Grand Way» / 2002 /  The videofilm is timed to 110th anniversary of State Joint Stock Holding 'Artem'  more
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«Lugansk Aircraft Overhaul Works. 75 years» / 0000 /  film is devoted to the anniversaty of the enterprise  more