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"AVIAFILM" offers to its clients turnkey services covering the whole cycle of production of video films and multimedia programs on CDs, from concept design and cost estimate of the project to replication and distribution of the finished product.

On every project we practice individual approach and develop an original concept of material presentation.

The studio offers the following services:

•  shooting, montage and replication of documentary, popular science, publicity and educational films for organizations and TV channels using special filming (DV, DVCAM, Betacam SP, and S-VHS formats) and computer animation;

•  professional translation and post scoring for videos, multimedia presentations and commercials. The translation and post scoring is available for ten languages including: Russian, Ukrainian, English, French, German, Persian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc, and may be performed by a native language speaker.

•  creating video programs from the best domestic and foreign films about the latest developments in aerospace engineering and achievements of world science and technology in aviation;

•  modeling and 3-D animation to demonstrate dynamic processes in various pieces of equipment.

•  developing business presentations and 'CD-business cards', video clips and slide-shows for demonstration at exhibitions or in the office, electronic encyclopedias, training programs on CDs using computer graphics, SD-animation, video and sound design;

•  offering assistance in presentation of a business at exhibitions and shows and providing information support in media.

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