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"AVIAFILM" is a video production business operating stably and successfully since 1989, having 25-year experience of "VSLET" film studio and Branch Video Centre of Ministry of Aviation Industry of former Soviet Union.

"AVIAFILM" is a permanent attendee of the first-rate international aerospace shows and defense exhibitions in the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Arab Emirates, Germany and Chile. In creating multimedia and video products AVIAFIM collaborates with leading aerospace companies of Ukraine and foreign countries.

"AVIAFILM" is a united team of professionals who many times proved their expertise when reporting or making exclusive shots in North and South Poles, in depths of Baikal and heights of Caucasus, in deserts of Africa and in the sands of Baikonur Cosmodrome - wherever aerospace engineering may be of service to people.

"AVIAFILM" is a self-contained processing complex containing up-to-date video and editing equipment of BETACAM SP, DVCAM, DV and S-VHS formats, computer graphics, facilities for production of multimedia compact disks and DVD using original software tools.

"AVIAFILM" is films, programs and many-hour television series about outstanding designers and great aircraft, secret equipment and history secrets, including the TV programs like "The Wings", "The Airshow", "The Sky of the Twentieth Century" and "The Red Stars" series having a success on CIS TV channels.

"AVIAFILM" is multimedia presentations, encyclopedias and video films on CD such as "Aviation and Cosmonautics of Ukraine", "AN-74 Aircraft Family", "Air Battle".

"AVIAFILM" is a prize-winner of many prestigious international contests and film festivals, including the first ones in Ukraine: "Golden Age" and "Golden Wave". Studio's works have been marked by a gold medal of VDNH, gratitude of US Congress, and sixty diplomas.

"AVIAFILM" is a unique archive of photo, film and video chronicles of the development of contemporary aviation and cosmonautics, a comprehensive data bank on the past, present and future of aerospace engineering, reliable contacts with museums and archives of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, and USA.

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